HVAC tips to Stay cool in the heat wave!

1 - Thermostat

Please make sure your thermostat batteries are in good condition 

2 -  Clear the unit

Make sure the outside unit is clear of debris and that nothing is blocking or leaning against it.  There needs to be at least 12” clearance around it in order for it to do its job.  Anything blocking it might cause a lack of air circulation and your condenser may overheat.

    •    Clean off the outside unit the best you can

    •    Trim away any bushes

    •    Remove any solid fencing that is around the unit.

3 - Open all your air vents:

 Do you have any unused rooms where you’ve closed your air vents? Well, it’s time to open those bad boys up, because closing them isn’t doing you any favors. In fact, closing them actually makes the AC run worse!  It has to work harder and is more likely to freeze up, causing the AC to stop working.  This also applies to furniture in front of air vents, blocking the airflow. Time to rearrange that furniture! 

4 - Don’t raise the temperature 

Don’t raise the temperature too high when you are not home.  The thermostat should not be raised to a temperature more than 4 degrees higher when you are away, as it may take a lot longer than usual to recover.  It may be a good idea to have it set to cool down a few hours earlier than your expected arrival.


Beware of power outages:  Keep in mind that during these heat waves, there’s extra strain on the power companies from everyone running their air conditioner which can cause temporary power outages.  In the case of a power outage follow these 5 steps

 1) Turn off your AC at the thermostat

 2) Go to the circuit breaker box and turn off the breaker corresponding to the AC.

 3) Once power has been restored, turn back on the AC circuit breaker

 4) Wait 15 minutes to allow the AC to reset its internal circuit breaker

 5) Turn the AC back on at the thermostat and enjoy the cool!

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