Air Conditioning, the Summer Lifesaver

Nothing is worse than coming home after a long day at work to a stifling hot house. With all the rain that shows up during the summer, the humidity can get very soupy. Your air conditioner is your first line of defense against hot, muggy air.

All air conditioners should be serviced each year, not only to ensure that they are running property, but also for safety reasons. Make sure to check your air conditioner’s air filter once a month and replace it if dirty. This will help maintain proper airflow for your air conditioner and keep it running efficiently, as well as ensure that the air quality in your home is at its best. A well-maintained air conditioner will help keep your energy costs lower, even in the summertime, when temperatures peak.


Excess humidity can cause mold and mildew to grow throughout your home and have a negative effective on indoor air quality. Running your air conditioner can help remove some humidity from the air and keep air circulating. Using a dehumidifier or having one added to your existing HVAC system can help make your home more comfortable for Memorial Day and beyond.


The following can help prevent compounding humidity in your home:

  • Using exhaust fans when cooking, doing laundry or bathing
  • Taking shorter and cooler showers
  • Using ceiling or portable fans to keep air circulating
  • Keep windows and doors shut to prevent humid air from getting indoors
  • Seal any leaks around windows or door to keep cooled air in and hot, humid air out


Storm Damage

Summer storms can pose a threat to your AC unit as well. While the unit is built to withstand the elements, summer weather can be tumultuous and, at times, destructive; occasionally things like hail, windblown debris, or standing water from flooding can damage the electrical components and/or the moving parts. Contact a professional if you suspect damage.


In order to prevent further damage to your AC unit:

  • Allow your AC to dry out. Clear standing water and debris from around it if necessary. Don’t cover it with a tarp! Covering your AC unit won’t allow for the proper ventilation and could lead to other problems, rust for example.
  • Deactivate electrical controls to your AC unit. If you are uncomfortable doing so, contact your air conditioning company for help.

If you haven’t already scheduled your yearly air conditioner tune-up by Memorial Day, now is a good time to do so. Contact Feldman Heating and Cooling today. 


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