This is a boiler that provides supplemental heat to a house that already has forced air heating.   Heat from this boiler is used on the lower level to heat a number of rooms each of which have separate thermostatic controls.  In addition to heating the rooms in the lower level, this boiler is also used to heat the floor of the garage.  In addition to heating the floor of the garage, it heats an apron outside of the garage, so that if you have ice buildup you can just use a shovel and just push it away because it will have melted the interface between the snow and the concrete. In addition to heating the garage floor, this boiler is also used to heat domestic water with an indirect water tank.  This water tank operates at the same 95% efficiency as the boiler does.  You can tell it’s a 95% boiler by looking at the plastic flue pipes. Your standard domestic water heater operates at 58%. This will significantly reduce your impact on the environment and reduce your water heating costs. 

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