15 Interesting facts about HVAC

1. Your home can be 30% more energy efficient if you simply add insulation and caulking around your doors and windows. 

2. Willis Carrier built the first commercial air conditioner in 1902. 

3. The word “furnace” comes from the Greek word “fornax,” which means oven. 

4. Without air conditioning, some medications, which are made in a cool environment, would never have been made. 

5. The first car air conditioner was installed in a Packard in 1939. 

6. In 1953 more than one million a/c units were sold in the U.S. 

7. In the 1940s, a window air conditioner cost $350. In today’s dollars that would be around $3,500. 

8. Today, the average family spends $2,000 annually on energy bills, with half of that going toward keeping their homes cool or warm.

9. Homes with low humidity will feel colder than homes with moister air. 

10. The first businesses to have air conditioning were movie theatres in the 1930s. Summer blockbusters brought people to see the movies and stay cooler. 

11. The Romans were the first culture to have furnaces in their homes. This was in 1200 BC.

12. Without regular maintenance, your furnace will not operate at peak efficiency. 

13. Poorly installed air conditioners in New York City cost building owners somewhere between $130 to $180 million each year. 

14. The United States uses as much energy for air conditioning as the entire continent of Africa uses for all their power needs. 

15. Scientific studies have shown that our reliance on air conditioning has actually reduced our ability to handle extreme heat. 

We hope you enjoyed some of the unusual facts we found on HVAC systems. There is no doubt that the HVAC units that power our home are one of the most influential inventions, responsible for countless hours of comfort for families here in this country in the hottest of summers and the coldest of winters. The efficiency of this technology has steadily improved over the years, as our efforts to reduce our consumption of energy have spurred changes to the equipment we use.

Original Source: Ambient Edge

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