Amid pandemic, HVAC effectiveness now vital

As building owners look to upgrade, they’re considering systems’ effectiveness, the different needs of retrofits versus new installations and, of course, cost.

Sifting through the possibilities is a major task, particularly with unscrupulous companies taking advantage of the pandemic to sell unproven technologies.

There’s a lot of new technology out there – and a lot of snake oil out there as well.

Ultraviolet light is a proven technology for killing viruses and other germs on surfaces and when exposed to air for long periods. However, there is not enough evidence that UV is effective at killing viruses when exposed to air passing quickly through an HVAC system.

UV light takes quite a bit of dwell time to affect organic matter.  Putting UV light into a coil, that’s effective because it has time to get exposure. Just air getting passed through the UV isn’t as effective as you would like.  

Ionization works by breaking down the structure of viruses and other pathogens. It also amalgamates particulates in the air, facilitating capture by filtration systems.  

Serving customers interested in filtration and HVAC systems that bring in more outside air is a good upgrade that’s a sign of the times.  

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