How Winter Conditions Affect Your HVAC Unit

Winter conditions can be hard on HVAC equipment, and can damage an external heat pump or compressor if you have central air conditioning. Winter is the most difficult time of year for a house, as practically every element of it is affected by harsh wintry weather. While the roof and external cladding are likely to be the first to be impacted, your HVAC system isn’t immune to winter’s cold, ice and snow.

Here are examples of how winter conditions affect your HVAC Unit.


Snow buildup. Your system may fail to operate if your outdoor equipment becomes covered in ice and snow, which can pile up on the aluminum fan and coil fins and bend them. If this occurs, your HVAC unit might produce strange noises while operating, and the fins can potentially shatter. This issue can be avoided by keeping outdoor components clear of snow and ice. 

Melting snow and ice. Water can puddle around external equipment as snow and ice melt. When temperatures drop low enough, this water can refreeze, causing damage. Water from melted snow can also enter an outdoor gas furnace’s inner valves and other components, leading to malfunctions and corrosion.

Snow and ice blockage. A heat pump’s outdoor components consist of a compressor and a fan that blows air across a coil. Condensation accumulates on the coil as it removes moisture from the air and can eventually freeze in the winter, restricting airflow and heat transfer. 

Frozen pipes. Frozen pipes result in obstructions, which will gradually back up toward the source. This, in turn, may result in operational difficulties. This problem can be avoided by insulating the pipes located in the colder areas of your home, such as the attic, basement and garage.

Corrosion and rust buildup. Melting snow can lead to water entering your system, freezing, then expanding again. This will result in corrosion and rust buildup throughout your HVAC unit.


Original Source: Beaver's HVAC

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